parish staff

PARISH pastor

Father Salvador Ahumada

We are very excited to welcome our new Pastor, Father Salvador Ahumada to St. Martha's Church.

Father Salvador  is originally from Mexico.  He came to Canada in 1993 to assist the Hispanic

Catholic Mission in Vancouver, BC.  Then in 1996 Bishop Paul O'Bryne invited Father

Salvador to help with the Spanish community in Calgary, AB for 1 year.  17 years later

Father Salvador was still at Our Lady of Guadalupe, well loved by his parishioners. 

Eventually, his Bishop in Mexico asked he to come back or make Canada his permanent

home.  Thus, Father became an official part of the Calgary Diocese clergy in 2002.  We are fortunate

to have Father's warm smile and gentle spirit guiding St. Martha's Parish.




Michael Pollard

Assists the Pastor with liturgical duties.  

Michael completed his three year journey in the diaconate program and

was ordained in October 2010 and quickly jumped in with both feet, helping with 

various pastoral works in our Parish.  We look forward to having 

Deacon Michael involved in St. Martha's faith formation for many

years to come.




Jennifer DeLaurentiis 

Oversees and implements all religious education programs

in the Parish.

Jennifer has been employed by the Parish since 1998.  She is our

liaison with our Catholic schools and handles all the details and

programming that is involved with the Sacraments.  Jen claims that

when she first started at the Church, she used to have to go over to

The Children of St. Martha's School to use their computer, as we only 

had one and it was the secretary's.  Jennifer has seen a lot of changes

in her many years on staff.  (And yes, she has her own computer now!)



Jeanette Cheshire

Is responsible for all secretarial duties in the Parish.

Jeanette was hired in 2007 upon the retirement of our Parish

secretary.  Jeanette makes sure that the Church runs like a well

oiled machine.  She originally hails from "The Rock" and is always 

prepared to share her Newfoundland hospitality to those who 

walk through the doors of  St. Martha's Church.



Georgette Cassis

Is responsible for the financial bookkeeping and other administrative duties in the Parish.

Georgette has been a parishioner of St. Martha's Church from the beginning.

She volunteered many hours of her time and talents to the Design Team and

the Building Fund Committee so that we could all enjoy the beautiful Church we now

have.  She continues to be involved by maintaining the financial records of St. 

Martha's as well as participating in different  ministries in the Parish.




Brenda Wandler

Maintains the upkeep of the Church.

Brenda has been the caretaker of St. Martha's for a number of years.

She diligently keeps everything clean and spotless in our Church.  As her

former boss, Father Dennis, used to say - it is amazing with all the people

that use the Church we only ever have positive comments on how well kept 

it is!  We are blessed to have her on staff.