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There will be no Diocesan Bulletin Insert published by the Office of Communications while public Masses are suspended, until further notice. 

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Reflections can be found here: 
CCCB  | Vatican NewsLiturgy.Life | Loyola Press | The Sunday Website | Sunday Connection 

Daily and Sunday Mass Prayers & Readings in PDF: Living With Christ (each date is clickable)

Updates in Gathering 

The Catholic Bishops of Alberta remain committed to the gradual reinstatement of public celebrations of the Mass and welcome the recent release of the Guidance for Places of Public Worship document as part of the provincial government’s relaunch strategy. These guidelines are being carefully considered by the task force that the Bishops have established under the direction of Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton and Bishop William McGrattan of Calgary. 

The task force is drafting for the Bishops a set of directives for the gradual reintroduction of Masses in public. The Bishops will present these to Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. The proposed directives will take into consideration the information that will be received from the Telephone Town Hall with the Premier and the Chief Medical Officer scheduled for Thursday, May 21. No date will be set for the resumption of public liturgies in our Catholic churches and institutions until the Bishops are satisfied that their own directives can be fully and properly implemented.

Any announcement of the date for the gradual reintroduction will be made at least five days before the first scheduled Mass. Parishes by then will have received diocesan guidelines which help ensure the safety of everyone.

“It is critical that we understand the risks and take steps in minimizing the spread of COVID-19 through prudent planning,” said Bishop McGrattan. “The health and safety of our parishioners, priests, and church staff are of utmost importance. Each and every life is a precious gift from God, and we are called to do everything in our power to protect them. This has been a tremendous sacrifice on the part of the faithful who strongly desire to celebrate the Eucharist in their parish communities. We are grateful for their cooperation, their patient endurance, and especially for their prayers.”  

See it on our website: 


May 14 marked the beginning of the Province’s implementation of Stage 1 of the Relaunch Strategy which has introduced some changes on government restrictions for public gatherings. The attached revised diocesan directives outline some of these significant changes and the new measures we are implementing.  Please review the directives carefully and implement the necessary modifications. 


Ascension & Pentecost at home 

Here are some resources for individuals or family celebrating Ascension and Pentecost at home. 

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Laudato Si' Week | Fifth Anniversary

It's been 5 years since Pope Francis’ encyclical on integral ecology Laudato Si’. The Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development that is promoting the week has also announced the celebration of a Special “Laudato Si” Anniversary Year, which runs from May 24, 2020 to May 24, 2021. The Special Laudato Si’ Anniversary Year will kick off on Sunday, May 24, with a special midday prayer across the world. 
  • For more information on the Laudato Si' Anniversary Year Programme, click here.

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Catholic Education Week
  1. A special video message for #CatholicEducationWeek from Bishop McGrattan to the schools in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary - a great reminder that publicly funded Catholic Education is a precious gift!
  2. Bishop McGrattan led a rosary for the intention of Catholic Education this morning, in place of Bishop Paul Terrio.
  3. Join the Bishops of Alberta as they lead livestream prayers at 9 am each day: 
  4. Follow Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education (GrACE) on Facebook at 

Webinars, Livestreams & Resources 

  1. Finding Faith Podcast with Fr. Cristino Bouvette "The shape of the future church" As the well-being of millions were threatened, the COVID-19 pandemic sent the world into lockdown at a scale never experienced before. In the midst of this, the local parish has been faced with  empty pews, devastating financial loss, and uncertainty about how to adapt to the inevitable changes of traditional life. As Fr. Cristino rejoins Finding Faith, he challenges listeners to focus not on the troubling circumstances, but on the hope that is at the heart of the Church. Listen to podcast here.
  2. Online Self Help for Mental Health from Catholic Family Services (CFS) | Stressed out? Feeling depressed or lost? Or maybe someone you know is struggling. When life is giving us hardship, sometimes the best place to turn is inward. CFS's online self-help tools are available 24/7. Get resources.
  3. Free eBook (PDF) "Catholicism in the time of Coronavirus" by Word on Fire | This new eBook from Word on Fire Institute Fellow Dr. Stephen Bullivant is an insightful and encouraging analysis of the coronavirus, shedding light not only on the Church’s present moment or similar crises of the past but also on the immediate future. This eBook is a unique roadmap for this challenging time, one that will help to bring clarity, focus, and energy to Catholics everywhere. Download here.
  4. Guide: The Technophobe's Guide to Leading Virtual Bible Study  |  Running an in-person Bible study or small group can be intimidating enough, never mind trying to conduct a group virtually. If you’re considering hosting a group, but have no idea where to start, this step-by-step guide is for you. For the technophobes out there—you know who you are—your first virtual Bible study group is only five steps away. Read more.
  5. Tips: Catholic teacher offers homeshooling tips for parents  |  Due to physical distancing protocols, parents confined to their homes now find themselves challenged to meet so many responsibilities. With plenty of time left until the end of the school year and to help keep focus strong, it is worth considering (or revisiting) some sensible points that can help parents effectively encourage their child(ren)’s academic success, while keeping a sane, loving and faith-filled atmosphere in the home. Read tips. 
  6. Pope Francis Minute - the animated series  | There are many different ways of talking about the Catholic faith to your children. Catholic Link created cartoons to bring Pope Francis' words to young children, a creative collaboration of artists and writer of 16 different countries. These videos were produced in 2013-2016, but still a joy to watch now. Only 4 minutes long each. Watch now.
  7. Engaged & Married Couples Resources | Below is a working list of resources to assist in the work ministering to families and engaged or married couples during these uncertain times. Get resources.

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Custom Graphics
Customize these weekly offering graphics with your parish information, use this template here. Image can be saved as PNG, JPEG or PDF. 

Online Giving 
Keep reminding your parishioners either by mail or email about the different ways to give. For parishes currently not offering online giving options, please provide parishioners with this link: and assure them that their donation will be transferred to the selected parish. You may also consider encouraging parishioners to sign up for monthly automatic direct debit payments. Please provide instructions on how to get the forms (in the church or online) and to mail or drop-off donations to the church office.

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Suggested message:
  • It is now possible to make your regular offertory gift online. Our parish relies on our regular offertory giving for maintenance and growth. By making your pre-authorized offertory gift, you are providing crucial support to care for your parish during this difficult time. You can also use the online giving page on the diocesan website to set up a one-time or recurring donation to your parish via credit-card. Funds donated will be transferred to the selected parish. Give now at [or contact your Parish to set up a direct debit deposit]. 


Share Your Events

To submit parish/lay associations events (or online events) to the Diocesan Online Calendar 

Subscribe to Faithfully to get stories of faith at work in the lives of the people and parishes in our Diocese. 
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